What happens if I don’t pay the administrative citation?

Consequences of Failure to Pay the Fine and Correct Violations:

  • If payment is not received within 30 calendar days of the issuance of the citation, an additional late fee will be assessed to the amount.
  • A penalty of 10% will be added on any delinquent fines on the last day of each month after the due date.
  • In addition to the late penalty provided by this section, delinquent fines will accrue interest at the rate of 1% per month, exclusive of penalties, from the due date.
  • The failure of any person to pay the fine(s) assessed by the Administrative Citation within the time specified on the citation or on the invoice from the Revenue Collector may result in Notification to the State Franchise Tax Board, or the City pursuing any legal remedies to collect civil fines. Payment of the citation does not relieve you of the responsibility to correct the violation(s) which can result in any legal action against you.

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