Where else is smoking prohibited?

Smoking is also prohibited in places of employment, in City facilities, on City property, and on the property of other governmental bodies. Smoking is prohibited on outdoor job or work sites (except in employer-designated areas at least 20 feet from other prohibited areas).

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1. Why did the City Council adopt a new smoking ordinance?
2. Which public areas are affected by the new ordinance?
3. Does the ordinance apply to private residential property?
4. How are multi-unit residential properties affected?
5. Where else is smoking prohibited?
6. When will the new ordinance go into effect?
7. Are there any exceptions?
8. Does the new ordinance address electronic cigarettes and vaping?
9. What about hotels, motels, or bed and breakfast establishments?
10. How will these new regulations be enforced?
11. How much are the fines if someone is caught violating the ordinance?