Top Five Considerations Regarding the Multi-Family Residential Inspection Program

Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Please make sure you have a working smoke alarm (less than 10 years old) in every bedroom with a minimum of one per level of the home, as well as a combo smoke/carbon monoxide alarm in every area just outside the bedroom (also less than 10 years old). This will help in completing the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm self-certification form.

Address Identification

Make sure addresses to the building and to each unit are readily visible. The minimum size is four (4) inches with one-half inch (1/2) thickness of the character. The characters must contrast with their background to expedite an emergency response. Larger characters may be required for buildings set back further than what is readily visible from the street.  Characters that are on unit doors with a screen door over it, will be required to be relocated or add additional numbers/letters just outside the door.  

Access and Egress

Ensure that first responders have ready access to respond to all common areas (keys to specific unit doors are not required).   If gates/fencing has been installed, a Knox Box will be required to enter the common areas of the facility and respond to the specific unit.   Are gates openable from the inside without the use of a key, tool, special effort, or knowledge?  Double-keyed deadbolts are not allowed.  Are doors/gates electrically operated?  A Knox Bypass Switch will be required. 

Fire Protection Systems  

Fire Sprinkler and/or Standpipes

Does the building have fire sprinkler and/or standpipe systems? If yes, a current annual and 5-year certification will be required to be provided by a licensed C-16 contractor.  The 5-year certification must be less than five years old and the annual must be less than one year old.  All forms must include a cover sheet. (Forms for NFPA25AnnualStndPipe PDF and NFPA25-5-YearStndPipe PDF)

Fire Alarm System

Does the building have a building-wide fire alarm system?  If yes, a current annual fire alarm system certification will be required. 

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Are your portable fire extinguishers missing and/or certification tag expired? Common residential areas are required to have a minimum of one (1) portable fire extinguisher rated 2A-10:BC not to exceed 75 feet of travel distance, mounted at 3-5 feet above the finished floor/ground. There is a minimum of one fire extinguisher required per floor level with an entry to a unit in the building.  

Common vehicle/garage areas are required to have one (1) portable fire extinguisher rated at 3A-40B:C not to exceed 50 feet of travel distance, mounted at 3-5 feet above the finished floor/ground.