Communications Division

Communications is a small section under supervision of the Fire Chief. Its personnel consist of a Communications Supervisor and a Communication Technician. The various duties of the Communications Section are to install, maintain, repair, and keep records (including FCC licenses) of all City-owned communications and electronic equipment. 

This consists primarily of: a Satellite TVRO system, amplifiers, base stations, closed circuit TV monitors and cameras, the Dispatch Center, electronic sirens, mainframe computer cabling, microcomputers and associated peripherals, monitors, pagers, public address systems, repeaters, scanners, televisions, two-way mobile and portable radios, VCRs and other miscellaneous electronic equipment.

The Communications Division also maintains the City telephone system, including electronic switches, key systems, and approximately 500 or more telephones. All telephone moves, adds and changes, including voice mail management and back-ups, are handled by this section.