Parking Restrictions


Traffic / Street Parking Enforcement 

For street sweeping violations, abandoned vehicles, etc., please call 626-570-5151

Parking-Related Matters

For streets, alleys, front yards at night, sidewalks, parkways, and inoperable vehicles, please call 626-570-5151.

General Parking Restrictions

Parking is restricted on all public streets in the City of Alhambra between 2 to 6 am, seven days per week without a valid parking permit or valid Disabled Placard. (Alhambra Municipal Code: Title XI: Vehicles and Traffic, 11.36, All-Night Parking). No overnight parking is permitted from 2 to 6 am on any of the following streets:

  • Main Street
  • Atlantic Boulevard
  • Fremont Avenue
  • Garfield Avenue
  • Mission Road
  • Valley Boulevard

Street Sweeping Time Zones are strictly enforced to ensure that all streets are properly swept. Parking is prohibited during the times that are posted on the signs. Street sweeping hours are Monday through Friday, 8 to 11:30 am and noon to 3 pm. Street sweeping is conducted from 12:30 to 6 am, Sunday through Thursday, primarily in commercial, industrial and major arterials throughout the City of Alhambra.

Downtown Parking Lot Restrictions

The City of Alhambra offers time-restricted parking in most city-owned lots from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday (generally in two to three-hour limits). The following is a list of city-owned lots describing lot-specific parking limitations:

  • Chapel Parking Structure (293 spaces) - 103 North Chapel Avenue Five 2-hour parking stalls, 172 3-hour parking stalls, any time, 116 permit parking stalls
  • City of Alhambra Civic Center Library Parking Structure (116 public parking spaces) - 101 South First Street 116 4-hour parking stalls, 7 am to 6 pm (Warning! Garage doors close at 9:30 pm, Monday through Thursday, and 5:30 pm, Friday and Saturday. Cars left after this time are subject to citation and tow. Cars locked in the structure will not be available until the next day during library business hours. For questions, please call the Alhambra Police Department at 626-570-5151.
  • First Street Parking Northeast Lot (57 spaces) - 14 North First Street Free valet parking, daily Monday through Friday., 9 am to 3 pm; Paid valet parking, evenings/weekends - Friday/Saturday/Sunday, 3 to 11 pm
  • First Street Parking Structure (282 spaces) - 80 South First Street - 200 4-hour limit (in structure) parking stalls,7 am to 6 pm; unlimited day after 6 pm and Sunday; 82 permit parking stalls on top levels (behind white line) - no limit/no closed times; No public parking, 4 to 6 am/7 days
  • Renaissance Parking Structure (800 spaces) - 122 North Garfield Avenue - 400 4-hour (in structure) parking stalls, 400 permit parking stalls
  • Second Street Parking Lot behind Pedrini's (34 spaces) - 11 South Second Street - 34 public parking spaces, 2-hour limit, 9 am to 6 pm, except Sundays; unlimited day after 6 pm and Sunday; valet zone: Thursday through Saturday, 9 pm to 2 am
  • Second Street Parking Lot behind Rick's (65 spaces) - 11 South First Street - 58 parking stalls with a 2-hour limit, 7 am to 6 pm; unlimited day after 6 pm and Sunday