City Manager

Alhambra ArchAlhambra is a council-manager form of government whereby citizens elect council members to make important decisions on policy-related issues. The City Manager, appointed by the City Council, serves as their chief advisor, and also directs and oversees the day-to-day operations of eleven City departments and staff (plus Boards and Commissions and City Attorney).


  • Serves as the City Council-appointed "chief executive officer" (CEO) to carry out policies under the council's direction to ensure that the entire community is being served.
  • Serves as the City Council's chief advisor, directing and overseeing the day-to-day operations of all eleven city departments and staff (and boards and commissions and city attorney).
  • Prepares the city's annual budget with the assistance of department heads.
  • Provides the council and citizens with complete and objective information, pros and cons, alternatives, and long-term consequences pertaining to various issues.
  • Works to enhance quality of life for Alhambra residents through better housing and recreational opportunities, community events, and the creation of a diversified and sustained economic base.
  • Oversees development of the Strategic Plan which provides the overall framework for translating broad community values and expectations into specific strategies for managing growth and enhancing the community's quality of life.
  • Enforces city laws and ordinances.
  • Implements policies, directives and makes recommendations to the Alhambra City Council.
  • Represents the city with respect to legislative actions, environmental issues, emergency management, and interactions with other governmental entities.