Blue, Green, & Black Waste Containers

For service information, call Republic Services at 1-800-299-4898, send an email or visit the Republic Services website

View Cart Information: Green - Organics Waste Cart (PDF), Blue - Recycling Cart (PDF) and Black - Trash Cart (PDF).

Please place full carts at the curb or alley by 6 am on the day of your service. Return them to their regular location by the end of your service day.

  1. Blue Recycle Container
  2. Green Organics Waste Container
  3. Black Trash Container

Using the Blue Container

Blue Recycle ContainerThe blue container for recyclable items is for glass jars and bottles, plastic jars and bottles, metal and aluminum cans, and all clean paper and cardboard. View a list of items you can and can't recycle. View the following list of helpful video clips from Republic Services on how to become a better recycler:

Do not place clothes in your recycling cart or leave large bags of clothes on the curb as Republic Services will not pick them up. Take them to a charity or Goodwill collection site. Download a list of items accepted/not accepted (PDF) by Goodwill. View a list of local donation centers.

Dos and Don'ts

Download, print, and reference the following Dos and Don'ts infographic on what your blue container can and cannot accept:

Blue Container Measurements

  • 95 to 96 Gallon Container: 180 pounds; Height 46-3/8 by Width 25-1/4 by Depth 26-3/8
  • 65 Gallon Container: 90 pounds; Height 42-1/8 by Width 25-1/4 by Depth 26-3/8
  • 32 Gallon Container: 50 pounds; Height 38-1/2 by Width 19 by Depth 22-1/4