Citizen Complaint Procedure

The employees of the Alhambra Police Department are dedicated to providing quality service to the members of the public. It is a stated goal of our organization to provide prompt, courteous, and professional service to everyone we encounter. If we fall short of that goal or if an employee does not meet the high standards of this organization, when dealing with the public, public trust and confidence can be lost. It is important that these incidents be brought to my attention so that corrective measures can be implemented.

Complaints concerning any employee of the Alhambra Police Department will be fully investigated. The facts established by the investigation may either substantiate the complaint or exonerate the employee. You will be contacted and advised of the results of the complaint investigation.

The goal of this complaint process is to arrive at the truth of what took place during contact between an employee and the complaining party. If the investigation identifies improper behavior on the part of an employee, corrective action will be taken either through training or disciplinary action. Disciplinary action may range from a reprimand to termination of employment. Criminal charges may be filed against an employee, if appropriate. If an employee acted lawfully, properly, and within policy, then the employee would be exonerated.

It is hoped that during this process, misunderstandings may be resolved and future problems, of similar nature, can be avoided. Only through open communication and a continual review of our performance can we ensure that we are providing excellent service to members of our community.