Resources for Businesses

City of Alhambra - Community Development Department

The Community Development Department assists business owners and developers through the City's review and approval process and works to encourage business growth and development. For more information, call 626-570-5034.

City of Alhambra - Finance Department, Business Licenses

The Finance Department issues business licenses to new and existing businesses. For more information, call 626-570-5021 or visit the Business Licences page.

Alhambra Civic Center Library

The Alhambra Civic Center Library offers a wealth of resources, guides, and information on all aspects of business. For more information, call 626-570-3212.

Alhambra Chamber of Commerce

The Alhambra Chamber of Commerce provides members with numerous services including seminars, clinics, and other marketing opportunities. Local chambers can help you boost business by helping professionals network and promote themselves in new ways. For more information, call 626-282-8481.

Downtown Alhambra Business Association

Downtown Alhambra is a 'Business Improvement District' established to promote the Downtown through promotions, advertising, and other programs; to encourage the financial well-being of Downtown businesses, and to make Downtown Alhambra a more attractive place to conduct business. The Downtown Association also advocates for businesses and serves as a representative with government agencies and other organizations when addressing issues specific or pertinent to the Downtown. Please call 626-282-5767 for more information.

Southern California Edison

When businesses are requested to upgrade or install new electrical service, or require an electric meter set, the Local Planning department is available to help businesses through their projects.

Local Planning Department

New Development Project Management

Real Property and Easements

Economic Development Resources

State of California - Department of Tax and Fee Administration

CalGold is a comprehensive website that assists business owners with finding the appropriate permit information