Fire Department

Fire Department

The Fire Department is responsible for providing fire safety, emergency services, and the delivery of emergency medical services to the community. This is accomplished by coordination with various City departments, and by working with other local, State, and Federal agencies. The Department responds to over 6,000 fire, rescue, emergency medical, and hazardous material incidents per year. On average, fire crews can respond to an emergency and begin working within four to six minutes from initial dispatch time. Four engine companies, one truck, one urban search and rescue and two paramedic ambulances are maintained on a 24-hour-a-day basis out of four stations.


  • Disaster Protection - Protects lives and property from fire and other disasters.
  • Emergency Services - Provides effective emergency medical services.
  • Promote Safety - Coordinates community safety awareness and fire prevention programs.
  • Ensure Safety - Conducts plan checks and fire inspections.
  • Fire Safety - Issues fire safety permits.

Operations Division Responsibilities

Under the direction of the Fire Chief, the Administration Division is responsible for the overall coordination and direction of the department. The command staff is comprised of the three Battalion Chiefs.  Each Battalion Chief commands a platoon of 19 suppression personnel. 

Communications Division Responsibilities

Communications is a small section under supervision of the Fire Chief. Its personnel consist of a Communications Supervisor and a Communication Technician. The various duties of the Communications Section are to install, maintain, repair, and keep records (including FCC licenses) of all City-owned communications and electronic equipment. This consists primarily of a Satellite TVRO system, Amplifiers, Base stations, Closed circuit TV monitors and cameras, The Dispatch Center, Electronic sirens, Mainframe computer cabling, Microcomputers and associated peripherals, Monitors, Pagers, Public address systems, Repeaters, Scanners, Televisions, Two-way mobile and portable radios, VCRs, and other miscellaneous electronic equipment

The Communications Division also maintains the City telephone system, including electronic switches, key systems, and approximately 500 or more telephones. All telephone moves, adds and changes, including voice mail management and back-ups, are handled by this section.